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The use of RallyBay.com
Your advert may not:
  • be placed in the wrong category
  • contain wrong or misleading information
  • be in violation with the law
  • contain viruses or other technology to harm RallyBay or the users of RallyBay
  • be that far out of proportion that it interferes with the layout of the website
  • contain or spread information from third parties
If your advert does contain one of these items we preserve the right to change or remove the advert or move it to another category. You will be informed about the cause of the change was. When your advert is removed by our panel it is not possible to get any refund.

It is not allowed to:
  • gather information about RallyBay users, including email addresses and phone numbers, without their consent
  • use personal information from our users like email addresses and phone numbers.
  • use RallyBay to promote your business or store without our permission.
  • use RallyBay to promote new articles from your store without our permission.
  • distribute or post spam, unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, chain letters, or pyramid schemes
  • post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content
We would appreciate the use of our contact form when you notice illegal or violating advertorials on our site. This way we can keep RallyBay.com clean and organized for you and other buyers or sellers, so everybody can keep buying and selling rally parts and cars.
If you are victim of a fraudulent act, please notice us by using the contact form.
When we have enough complaints from other users, or we think some users are causing problems or violating our disclaimer we are willing to take the following measures:
  • Restraining our services
  • End and remove our hosted content of the user
  • Use technical and/or legal reasons to ban the user from using RallyBay.com
This list is not the complete list of actions we can perform. We still have other options that fit within the law when the cause is more severe.

Personal information
RallyBay contains information of our users. It is not allowed to use, copy or change our copyrights. By adding an advert to RallyBay you accept the fact that RallyBay is able to use your advert for publicity on other websites or other channels like newspapers. When you feel violated in your own privacy we would like you to contact us, we will process your issue. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

Legal terms
RallyBay can not be prosecuted because of what other users post or did on our website. RallyBay is in no way responsible for any harm that has been done to you. Despite our efforts, we can not guarantee the accuracy of RallyBay and the placed ads. Also we cannot guarantee the safety of our services. We are not liable for any loss of money, goodwill or reputation. Similar for consequential loss derived from the use of RallyBay. If legal terms tell us we owe you any form of compensation it will be the amount that you paid us during the past 12 months before the trial.

Examples of wrong adverts
Some examples of wrong adverts:
  • adverts that does not contain a product.
  • adverts placed in the wrong category
  • adverts placed double on RallyBay.com
  • adverts with a link to a website (it is possible to put your link in the description of the advert)
  • (paid) adverts that do not meet the payment conditions
  • adverts that contain illegal products or services
Examples of wrong use of RallyBay.com
Some examples of wrong use of our website:
  • users contacting sellers to promote their own products or services (spam)
  • users that violate our disclaimer

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